Freedom of what?

The year of 1947, they announced to the world that this country is free.But how free, really, are we?

This is an interesting thought process- what freedom really is. Well, of course we are free from the clutches of British colonialism and we took up the march to become the largest democracy ever. We are free to choose will make policies that govern us, and what policies they might be. But what is freedom without proper choice? When all you can choose is between a man who is corrupt, a fool and a criminal, is this the freedom which we fought for? We are merely replacing old culprits with new indigenous ones. Is that what freedom is all about?

Maybe we just fought for the freedom to make our own mistakes. But now we are all chained to these mistakes of ours. When will we beyond that?

10 minute challege

So, I am writing this as a part of a self challenge about which I read in another blog. The target is to write a blog post in 10 minutes. The trick is that I cannot use the backspace/ delete option. Free writing at it’s best. Let’s see how it goes.


I have been meaning to wrtite a vfew things for quite sometime now. But haven’t yet had the courage or tye time or the feffort to overcome to write othem down. It is a bit hard to go on without using the option to delete my eroors. This is making it hard but I will try an d make them as werrorfree as possible. Wht an irony? While I was rwriting the apologetic note, all I could think of was the similarity which the senstence held with that to life and how I have been whanting to write about life and it’s efficacy for quite sometime now. Life has been a mystery. Not knowing what to expcet and what to not expcet is a hard deal. But that turns out to eb the beautiy of life. Howvere cliched it might sound, I earnestly believe itn it. There are days in the past few months where I have wondered about the valu of lufe and what it beholds. And have developed this taste for this song in the movie ‘Begin Agin’ called ‘Lost Stars’. Tere have been days where I have felt that I have no clue what the lyrics are trying to say. Scratch that , U I can totally understand the lyrcs. But it is that that the song is about questinoning meaning of life and teh sufferning s at youth. There have been days where I don’t undertand the meaning of life and there are days when I feel like that I do. The song lyric goes like ‘God! tell us the reason why youth is wasted on the younf’ and this is the thing that has been stuck on my head for sometime now. With placeents, gradauation and not knowing what to do in life post grad, the though seems fairly agrreeable. Is is correct for us to make life changeing decisions ast such a jyoung age, which in my case is 19 years. Just 19 years. Sih! But them when I hwent back and saw my life, while making m y CV or preparing for my interviews, it is evident that I have done more than a ny average girl/ boy in my place . But then you dget, over ambitious or not, that yfeeling that you could have done much more in life. Mayeny blank spaces in my puzzle. The oicture seems complete but just near complete. How do I got about and fix it? Then you rememerb that you can’t and that’s why you try and make an  effort to fill up spaces/ best prevent dspaces from sdelvoping i the future.


And the time runs out. It isn’t too philosophical an argument but random thoughts off my head. I hope it is pleasing as I have always pictured in my head.

I don’t think I have going back and looking at what I wrote. Blame it on me either being too scared or too lazy, but I just don’t want to go over it just yet.

And ah! The pleasure of having the editing options!

Volley ball and more…

It was a mellow afternoon in Trenna, a small hill in the district of Ramban, Jammu and Kashmir. It had just drizzled, and the red soil beneath us was still wet. We were a bunch of 20 odd students who happened to visit the place as a part of a trip organised by the Indian Army to facilitate interaction with the local youth. The plan for the afternoon was a friendly volleyball match with the village youth. The net was up, the white markings were done, and the local crowd had gathered to witness the game. Six of us versus the six of the local youth. The whistle was blown and the ball was rallied. And we began cheering for our team by screaming out names and clapping our hands while the village crowd maintained its calm and serenity. There wasn’t a single person from their side who happened to cheer their local team through actions or words. Maybe they were timid, maybe they were indifferent or maybe not. Maybe it was their way of cheering their team or maybe they just couldn’t do it. Whatever be it, their silence was nostalgic. We were told at the beginning of the match that the opponent team was rather strong.  While we started to play, we seemed to pay no heed to those words. Towards the end of the first set, we realised that we needed to buckle up for they were rather too good. And true to those wise words, they won the first set. The second set began, we had to give a tough fight and we gave one too.  At the end of it, we won the second set. It all came down to the third and final set. Amidst all these passion for sports, one still cannot forgot the fact that we stood in a place playing a friendly match with the locals where indeed a few years back there were rounds and rounds of firing between the army and the militants; we got the opportunity to interact with the people who were once forced to stay inside their homes due to the prevailing violence outside; we played with the youth who have big dreams as we did and whose dreams would be shattered unless for this prevailing peace. That day, we realised how things have changed and how things have changed for the better of it. Though we lost the game 2-1, we had fun playing with them but most importantly we learnt that things change; It’s just a matter of time.

Give us answers, oh dear land!

This is a translation of a song featured in an award-winning Tamil movie.

Give us answers, oh dear land!

Our house that faces the shore,

Oh! The palm trees and the birds’ nests

Again, just once again, will we ever meet?

We hid our smiles in our lips

We hid our souls in our bodies

And it is just our skeletons walking this parade now.

Even if old and tattered, will anything give us the comfort of our mother’s lap?

Even if we go to Heaven, will we ever get the freedom as in our own land?

Where is the land we opened our eyes to?

Where is the land we shall close our eyes to?

We depart here, oh dear rivers! If we survive, we shall come back.

If called by our land, we shall come back.

We see this land for one last time- this land which was born out of a veil of tears.

Let our music end with our children’s tears.

Let our clan be buried with us.

Then we were on roses in the moon; but now in the dark, we are torn by the thorns.

If the water bird survives, we shall meet.

If the sky and the mountains live, we shall meet.

We are going with these baggages- a few on our heads and more in our hearts.

Give us answer, oh dear land!

Our house that faces the shore,

Oh! The palm trees and the birds’ nests

Again, just once again, will we ever meet?

We hid our smiles in our lips

We hid our souls in our bodies

And it is just our skeletons walking this parade.